How do I reset my email password?

        Case One: If you set up the security questions.  You can retrieve your password using the Forgot Password below the Login fields.

Case Two: If you are starting out or don't remember the answers to the security questions you set.  You can email

Case Three: If you are on campus, you can log into a domain joined computer using your username and password, then press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on the keyboard, and choose the ChangePassword option.  This will allow you to change your local password, which will then sync into Office 365 (your CBTS email account).

1. log into one of the domain joined computer (use your current CBTS Office 365 username and password)
2. Press 'CTRL' + "ALT' + 'Delete' key on the keyboard at the same time
3. Select the CHANGE PASSWORD option.
4. Follow the prompt and you're done!


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