I need to reset my Moodle password.


If you have accessed your Moodle before, but simply forgot your CBTS Moodle password, you can go ahead an reset it yourself. CLICK HERE to reset your CBTS Moodle password or visit www.cbts.edu > Academics > myCBTS Help > Password Reset

Steps to reset your Moodle password:

1.  www.cbts.edu > Academics > myCBTS Help > Password Reset

2. Click on  "forgotten your uername or password?"

3. input your email address that is linked to your Moodle account (it will be your CBTS mail address), or use your username. *don't forget to click the "search" button.

4. Check your email for an email from Moodle with a password reset link.

5. Open the link in the email to start the password reset process for your Moodle account.


Password reset emails expire in 30 minutes.

BONUS!Don't forget to link your new Moodle password with your myCBTS OneLogin!CLICK HERE FOR THE HOW TO GUIDE

Have more questions?  email support@cbts.edu or open a ticket (top right corner)